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William S. Altman is a Professor in the Psychology and Human Services Department at SUNY Broome Community College, where he has taught since 2003. Dr. Altman earned Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Educational Psychology and Measurement, and an M.P.S. in Communication Arts (Organizational Communication) from Cornell University, as well as a B.A. degree in History from the University of Pennsylvania. His research interests include effective teaching and learning, and creativity. Before coming to SUNY Broome, he taught for 7 years at Ithaca College, 12 years at SUNY Cortland, and a year at Nazareth College.

Bill currently serves as the Society for the Teaching of Psychology (STP)-National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology Liaison, and the co-editor of STP’s E-xcellence in Teaching. He also served as the consulting editor for two introductory psychology textbooks, and has created numerous learning and teaching materials for several publishers.

In addition to scholarly publications and presentations, Dr. Altman has written for several non-scholarly publications, spent over a decade sharing information about education, technology, and psychological science on local radio, been a professional photographer, and performed in theater and as a standup comic (ostensibly to work on classroom presentation skills, but mostly because it's fun). In addition to presenting many workshops and seminars about effective teaching and learning, he has also contributed over a dozen videos on effective teaching, as part of the Wadsworth Guest Lecture Series.

Dr. Altman also consults on the development of effective teaching materials and techniques for applications in other fields. For example, he assisted the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in developing their training manual for nuisance wildlife control operators (available online at NWCO.net) and in creating and validating their statewide licensing test. Most recently, with award-winning science fiction author Jill Shultz, he began offering workshops to train fiction writers to use psychological science for character development.

Bill Altman is driven by a wide and unpredictable curiosity, an almost pathological need to solve problems, and a sense that it all ought to be fun. His research cuts across many aspects of evidence-based teaching methods, learning, and testing.

Please contact him for more information about workshops, presentations, and seminars for your conferences, meetings, or other events. Below are some of the topics on which Bill can speak.

For Professionals

Professional Development

Technology Made Simple: Free Tools to Improve Your Teaching, Increase Student Engagement, and Make Your Professional Life Easier

Training Sherlock Holmes: Develop Students’ Critical Thinking Skills Through Hands-On Research in Your Classroom

Give Psychology Away as a Local Media Hero

Textbook Selection: A Simple, Inclusive Process

CMS? We Don't Need No Stinking CMS! Free, Easy Ways to Build Your Own Course Management System

Teaching Skills

Fail Your Way to Fabulous Teaching: How Acting, Standup Comedy, and Jedi Mind-Tricks Will Make You a Better Instructor

Why Won’t They Learn? Simple Teaching Techniques to Encourage Learning, Keep Your Workload Manageable, and Boost Your Student Evaluations

Create Engaging PowerPoint Presentations

Teach Research Methods and Reporting with Scaffolded, Hands-On Student Research

Hands-On Demonstrations and Experiments for Your Class

Students Revising Exams Learn More, Get Better Grades, & Think You're Wonderful

Concept Maps and "V" Maps as Teaching and Learning Tools

Engage Students' Attention and Increase Comprehension with In-Class Writing

Rubrics Make Grading Faster, Easier, and More Transparent (and Boost Your Teaching Evaluations!)

For Students

Secrets of College Success: How to be an A-Student, Have a Social Life, and Get Enough Sleep

Dope-Slap Time: Myths, Bad Advice, and Misconceptions About Teaching and Learning

Create Your Own Cult--An Exercise in Social Psychology

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