William S. Altman, Ph.D.

Biopac MP40General Psychology
Active Learning Projects

Below is information about the specific assignments you'll need to fulfill in this course.

Form Research Groups

Phase 1: The Thesis and Hypothesis Paper

Develop a research question based on the topic area you’ve chosen, and a specific hypothesis you’d like to test. You will need to find 10 sources in the research literature to complete this paper.

Sample: Pain as Perception

Scoring Guide for the Thesis and Hypothesis Paper

Phase 2: The Formal Research Proposal

Write a formal proposal for your research project. This will combine information from your first two papers with a design for the experiment you’re going to do.

Sample: Caffiene and visual input

Sample: Biofeedback and stress

Sample: Stress and memory

Sample:  Effects of meditation

Sample: Lie detection

Sample: Olfactory perception

Formal Research Proposal Scoring Rubric

Phase 3: Execute Your Experiment

You’ll use the Biopac MP40 to test your hypothesis with measures of brain activity (EEG), heart rate (ECG), eye movement (EOG), or muscle control impulses (EMG).

Phase 4: Research Presentation

Present the results of your experiment to the class using PowerPoint.

Template for PowerPoint Presentation
Research Presentation Scoring Rubric

Group Process Questionnaire

Use this form to rate yourself and your fellow group members. The ratings you provide will help determine each individual team member’s grade for each assignment.

Group Process Questionnaire